Taking Stock – Everything you need to create a farm action plan

Sustaining Your Business

You have to be on top of a number of aspects to keep your operation running smoothly.

Taking Stock Self-Assessment

Find out what you’re doing right and what areas that could use improvement.

Current Farmer Resources

Need improvement in one or more of the nine key areas? Here are more details… Learn More

Shaping the future of your farm.

Now is the time to think about the future of your farm. Are your Succession and/or Estate Plans in place? Learn More

Emerging Opportunities

Opportunity and Risk go hand in hand.

Changing trends in consumer demand, new product development, changes in government policies, or recent scientific discoveries can create what is known as emerging opportunities. Along with the increased opportunity in these new markets comes considerable risk. Whether experienced or new, many producers have lost the farm by gambling on an emerging opportunity that didn’t pan out. That is not to say the opportunities shouldn’t have been considered; however, when you are jumping into a new enterprise you would be well advised to do extensive research and due diligence on the viability of the operation before committing your limited resources. Even with all your due diligence in place, only commit what you can afford to lose. Innovation and intelligent risk taking have made many fortunes, but uninformed risk taking often leads to disappointment.

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