Marketing Strategy

Marketing is vital to the overall success of your farm business

Market needs create business opportunities, not the other way around. Marketing your products and services is a necessary part of your overall business success. It is important to understand the issues relating to the marketing and sales of your products in order to maximize profitability. Increasing global competition and other international issues are affecting the business environment and your future success. It is therefore very important to have the knowledge and information you need to make informed decisions. Knowing buyer needs and how you can provide for those needs is becoming increasingly important.

Marketing Plans

In order for your business to thrive, it is crucial that you understand buyer needs, taking into consideration whether you are dealing with local (farmers markets), regional, national, or international distributors and retailers.


General marketing is required to sell any product regardless of the marketing outlet. Developing a plan identifying market trends, competitors, customer feedback, sales targets, pricing and cost of production is critical to the success of your agricultural business.


There are 2 main types of commodity products regulated under the BC Natural Products Act; Supply Managed Commodities and Central Selling Desks. Supply Managed Commodities are typically livestock while the Central Selling Desks focus on produce. Central Selling Desks can include marketing agencies, cooperatives or processors, which are not under the authority of the Natural products Marketing Act. Ensure you are aware of what legislation applies to the crop you plan to produce.


Direct marketing is popular with small and medium sized farms who are able to capture the full value of their product by selling to the end customer. Direct marketing can also include farm markets, farmers markets, community-supported agriculture programs, and on-line, phone or road side sales, as well as selling wholesale to butchers and restaurants.